Political Books

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Political Nonfiction

The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals and Dirty Politics.  Kim Long.
973 Long

Blogwars.  David D. Permutter.
The rise of internet blogs in the influence new communication technologies are playing in today’s politics.  320.973 Permutter

Collapse.  Jared Diamond.
Diamond gives a study on the downfall of civilizations, tracing patterns of environmental damage, poor political choices, and other factors in their demise. 304.28 Diamond

Congress Behaving Badly: the rise of partisanship and incivility and the death of public trust. Sunil Ahuja. 
The author examines the end of common courtesy and professionalism in the political arena, resulting in the decline of meaningful debate on issues. 328.73 Ahuja

Parliament of Whores: a lone humorist attempts to explain the entire U.S. government.  P.J. O’Rourke.  
A conservative humorist takes on the state of the American political system.  320.973 O’Rourke

An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire. Arundhati Roy.
Roy discusses global politics, democracy, media empires, and the situation in Iraq. 302.2309 Roy

The Political Mind:  why you can’t understand 21st century politics with an 18th century brain.   George Lakoff.
Explains why a great number of Americans actually vote against their own interests. 320.01 Lakoff

The Politics of Heaven: America in fearful times. Earl Shorris.
Discusses how, after the September 11th attacks, there is a more glaring pervasiveness of religious doctrine throughout both major parties and in the formulating of key political decisions.  973.93 Shorris

The Power and the Glitter: the Hollywood-Washington connection. Ronald Brownstein.

Brownstein presents a 20th century history of the connections between major players in Hollywood and the nation’s leaders and lawmakers.  973.9 Brownstein

The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America. Larry Elder.
A provocative and lively ride into the mind of one of the nation's most outspoken black libertarians. 306.0973 Elder

Political Fiction

All the King’s Men. Robert Penn Warren.
A southern politician plays dirty politics. Fic Warren, R. P.  

Constant Gardener.  John Le Carre.
An embassy worker’s personal pursuit of his wife’s killers in Kenya sets him up as their next target.  Fic Le Carre.

Divine Justice. David Baldacci. 
John Carr becomes the target of a manhunt involving the highest levels of the U.S. government.  Fic Baldacci.

Flag for Sunrise. Robert Stone.
Americans are drawn into the maelstrom of a small Central American country on the brink of revolution.  Fic Stone, R.

Good Earth.  Pearl Buck.
This Pulitzer prize-winning epic portrays China during the rule of the last emperor.  Fic Buck, P. 

The Handmaid’s Tale.  Margaret Atwood. 
Atwood brings us a fable of the near future where far-right ideals have been carried to extremes. Fic Atwood, M.

Invisible Man.  Ralph Ellison.
A young, nameless black man moves through the hellish levels of American intolerance.  Fic Ellison, R.

It Can’t Happen Here. Sinclair Lewis.  
A cautionary tale about the fragility of democracy and how fascism could take hold in America.  Fic Lewis, S.

The Jungle. Upton Sinclair. 
Unflinching chronicle of crushing poverty and oppression set in Chicago in the early 1900s.  Fic Sinclair, U.

The Last Thing He Wanted.  Joan Didion.
A reporter inherits her father's secretive life as an arms dealer for the U.S. in Central America.  Fic Didion, J.

Libra. Don DeLillo.
A novel about the JFK assassination. Fic DeLillo, D.

The Manchurian Candidate.  Richard Condon.
A psychological thriller - US soldiers are brainwashed and sent home to control the government. Fic Condon, R.

Milagro Beanfield War.  John Nichols.
Small farmers in New Mexico fight for their water rights.  Fic Nichols, J.

1984. George Orwell.
This classic warns against totalitarianism.  Fic Orwell, G.

Plot Against America. Phillip Roth.
Alternative history— the US negotiates an accord with Adolf Hitler.  Fic Roth, P.