Neighborhood & Volunteer Services

Below are City services that help promote safe, healthy, and attractive neighborhoods. The City of Richmond has adopted ordinances that can help keep our neighborhoods clean and safe.

This information will assist you in determining what to do when you have questions or complaints concerning certain activities in your neighborhoods.
The Mayor's Office has also released a Community Resource Guide to further direct you to services in the City.


All animal complaints, including barking, stray or neglected dogs, should be referred to Contra Costa County's Animal Control Services at (925) 608-8400

Campers, RVs,Trailers, Boats

Campers, RVs, trailers, and boats can be parked in the driveway if in operable condition (no flat tires), but not on grass, dirt or other unpaved areas. Must have current license and registration. For more information or to make a complaint, use COR-Connect.

Home Repair Programs

The City offers low interest Home improvement loans to low and moderate income home owners within the City of Richmond for roof repairs, faulty plumbing, heating, and wiring to correct code violations. For more information on housing loan programs such as deferred loans, home improvement loans, emergency loans and rental rehabilitation loans with low-interest, call the Richmond Redevelopment Agency / Housing and Community Development Agency at (510) 307-8140.

Neighborhood Councils

Enhance your neighborhood's positive sense of community by participating in your neighborhood council and help improve the livability, safety, and appearance of your area.


The City offers response service to fill and repair street potholes. To report potholes, please use COR-Connect.

Republic Services Contract

The City of Richmond has an exclusive franchise agreement with Richmond Sanitary Service Contract, a subsidiary of Republic Services for residential and commercial solid waste collection through year 2025.

Street or Alley Ways

The City offers response service to clear streets or alley ways of piles of trash or debris. To report such a situation, use COR-Connect.

Street Light Outages (City or PG&E)

As a community, we all need to help and keep our City bright! If you notice any street lights that are out or flicker on and off, please note the street light number on the pole and report them to either of the following: City lights (usually on metal poles) COR-Connect or PG&E lights (usually on wooden poles) call (800) 743-5000 or PG&E Street Light Trouble Report.

Street Sweeping

The City has regular sweeping schedules. Review the signs and schedules in your neighborhood. Please move your car to allow the City to remove debris before it washes down the storm drain. For more information call (510) 231-3011.

Train Information

Quiet Zones in the City of Richmond
Routine sounding of train horns is prohibited at designated "quiet zone" rail crossings. View more information about Quiet Zones in the City of Richmond.

Trains Blocking Crossings in the City of Richmond

On October 16, 2012, the First Appellate District Court in People v. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad held that California Public Utilities Commission general order No. 135 – regulating the length of time a stopped railroad train may block public grade crossings – is preempted by federal law, specifically the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act (ICCTA; 49 U.S.C. § 10101 et seq.) As a result, neither the State nor City are permitted to enforce general order No. 135. Due to this development, the Blocked Crossing complaint form is inaccessible until such time as the federal Surface Transportation Board promulgates rules addressing the length of time a stopped railroad may block public grade crossings.