Summer Road Trip Reading Game

Maybe this isn’t the summer to hit the road, but reading can take you places!

Log miles by reading pages, and we’ll update the map with your progress.

All routes start from the Main Library (325 Civic Center Plaza). To participate, send us an email with the following information:

  1. Name or initials you want to use to track your progress and route (note that these are publicly viewable);
  2. Page counts or titles of books you’ve read since June 1 (paper, ebook, or audio; we’ll use the page count from the paper copy);
  3. A direction you’d like to set off in or a destination you’d like to head toward.
  4. As you read additional books, send us another email with book titles!
    • You can also change to new destinations or set off in another direction.

Check the map to see where each book took you, and explore what’s there!