The Finance Department has the following responsibilities:
  • Providing fiscal support, oversight, and control to the Mayor and Council, City Agencies, and City Departments to ensure proper fiscal management, budgeting, and accounting
  • Maintains financing, auditing, and record keeping standards to ensure sound fiduciary practices

Adopted Administrative Rulings regarding Utility User Tax

State and federal surcharges are subject to the City of Richmond’s Utility User Tax.

Revenue Measure Polling Report
Godbe Research was commissioned to conduct a survey to assess potential voter support for a bond measure within the City of Richmond.  The survey was also designed to:
    (a)  gauge satisfaction with City services and financial management of public funds 
    (b)  identify the tax type and amount at which voters will support the measure  
    (c)  prioritize projects and programs to be funded with the proceeds  
    (d)  test the influence of supporting and opposing arguments on potential voter support