Citizens Police Review Commission

The Citizens Police Review Commission (CPRC) is governed under Ordinance Nos. 15-84 N.S., 11-85 N.S. and 5-16 N.S., and was established to:

  • Investigate citizens’ complaints of excessive or unnecessary force and racially abusive treatment by officers of the Richmond Police Department
  • Handle appeals from the Office of Professional Accountability
  • Review and evaluate the policies, practices and procedures contained in the Richmond Police Department Manual and report to the Chief of Police, City Manager, and City Council
  • Develop programs and strategies to promote positive police-community relations
The CPRC has a confidential investigative and appeals officer (the CIAO) who investigates the complaints of excessive or unnecessary force or racially abusive treatment that have been filed with the CPRC.

Citizen Complaints
View the Complaints and Investigations section to learn how to file a complaint.

Commission Meetings
The Citizens Police Review Commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in Conference Room One, 330 25th Street. Enter through the rear (East) entrance. 

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              *Agendas are published on the Friday before the meeting. 

For a list of commissioners and their terms of office, please follow this link.